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A Breakdown of Blasting Medias & Their Applications

Here at RustBlasters, we prefer to work with either garnet or crushed glass, depending on the application and the desired outcome. With just these 2 medias alone, we can achieve practically any effect you desire. But there are a number of different media types so let’s run down the list of the commonly used ones and the less common, or specialty medias as well.

Garnet – This is our workhorse. We use a medium sized granule garnet in a 50/50 “working mix” that incorporates both new and used abrasive. After blasting, you are left with a fine, rough finish that is perfect for the application of primers or paints. Typically, you will use garnet on harder metals of all kinds, aluminum in certain cases, glass, ceramics, plastics and for “weathering” wood.

Glass Bead – On softer metals such as aluminum or on harder metals where you want a finer finish, you are left with a “bright” satiny finish that is great to be either painted, clear coated, anodized or ceramic coated.

Walnut Shells – This is literally smashed up walnut shells, but specially milled as an abrasive media. Great for removing built up coatings from metal, fibreglass, glass and plastics. Works on some woods. Also good for removing carbon build up from combustion chambers, valves and pistons.

Crushed Glass – Gentler than garnet, but still effective on metal, glass, ceramic, fibreglass and plastic. Also can be used to remove coatings from harder species of wood.

Blasting Soda – The gentlest media. Used primarily for cleaning parts where no residual media can be left, such as engine internals. It rinses completely away with either water or solvent. Also works exceptionally well on wood.

Aluminum Oxide – The hardest media. Aggressively removes coatings from hard metals and leaves a significant profile to the substrate. Usually used when looking for a specialized finish. Also great for etching glass.

Come on in and see us, at RustBlasters in Chilliwack, BC, for all your blasting needs and we'll make sure you get the desired effect with the appropriate blasting media, for the best price in town!

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