RustBlasters is Chilliwack's Rust Repair Specialist!


We are here for all your

Sandblasting, Rust Removal, Auto Body & Paint Needs 

Shop Rate $150/hr
Sandblasting Rate $195/hr

Basic Cost of RustBlasting Parts
















Prices above are estimates only. Prices subject to change without notice.


Parts must be free of grease or degreasing charges may apply at $150/hr.

Stripper, paint, primer, undercoat, welding & metal fab supplies are extra.


We also provide 

Spray Booth Rental - $450/day

1 hr. professional painting assistance/advice included, upon request

Please email Rus at for more information. 


Excessive coats of paint and/or body filler may require more time and money

 to remove to bare, clean steel.


Save on volume parts


In the beginning, body filler was usually applied on bare steel or over old paint and rusted surfaces. 


For the best possible durability of your paint job, we recommend the removal of all body filler underneath the old paint so it may be epoxy coated and then new body filler carefully reapplied. This will provide complete rust protection and will last indefinitely.

Car Body

Truck Body 

Pickup Box

Frame (bare)

Undercoating starting at 

Hood (outside only)

Motorcycle frame

Rear End



Trunk Lid


Wheels (each) 



$750 - $1500

$500 - $1200

$500 - $1000


$205 - $275

$175 - $350

$150 - $300

$125 - $225

$125 - $225

$125 - $175

$  75 - $135

$25 - $65