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Things that make you go hmmm...

While we value each & every customer that walks through our doors, we have noticed there is a commonality that can't be ignored.

Your money is hard-earned & we appreciate that parting with it is a gruelling process of weighing the pros & cons, prioritizing what to spend & justifying that expense.

We thought, to lighten the mood a bit, it would be fun to have a little chuckle at...

The 16 Most Common Things We Hear

  1. "I’m on a tight budget" (Unless you're Bill Gates, we get that.)

  2. "Here’s a picture of what I want worked on, how much to fix it?" (It's impossible to assess a job from a picture. We need to see it in person.)

  3. "I want a good job but I don’t want to pay much" (We completely understand but you do 'get what you pay for'.)

  4. "That isn’t the price you quoted me on the phone" (We didn't see the scope of the job until you brought it in. An accurate quote requires seeing it in person to fully assess the damage. Any price given on the phone is, at best, a 'guesstimate').

  5. "I can buy new ones for that price" (Perhaps, and sometimes that's the better option.)

  6. "That’s more than I wanted to pay" (We apologize for that but our prices are among the lowest in town and we stand behind our work!)

  7. "I can get it done cheaper down the road" (If that's true, be sure you're still getting the same quality of workmanship...check online reviews...& we wish you the best.)

  8. "Can I get a discount?" (Our prices are already low, but it never hurts to ask.)

  9. "Can I pay cash, no taxes"? (Sorry, the mean government wants their share & they're much bigger than us.)

  10. "While you’re at it, could you include more work for the same price?" (Just like anywhere else, the cost is directly related to how much work you want done.)

  11. "There’s no rush" (That's great but if you do have a deadline, please let us know beforehand so we can work with you.)

  12. "Doesn’t have to be perfect/anything special" (If you are like most people, you will want your paint to have a showroom shine. This will involve wet sanding & polishing & will cost more.)

  13. "There’s no bondo on my parts" (Unless you're the first & only owner, no one can know for sure how much bondo there is, if any, until all paint is removed.)

  14. "There’s no grease on my parts" (That would be great but, if there is, we will have to charge for degreasing.)

  15. "I have lots of friends & can send a lot of business your way…for a discount today." (We appreciate your referrals but our prices are already as low as they can go.)

  16. "It won’t take you that long…" (Hopefully not but we won't rush a job. We only know how to do a job right, the first time, so we appreciate your patience.)

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