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Powder Coating or Epoxy...Which is Better?

There is much debate over the issue of powder coating versus epoxy coating. Which one is better entirely depends on what you are coating, the conditions it will be subjected to and, in the end, your personal preference.

This is what happens under your powder coating as soon as there is the slightest damage.

Rust under powder coating

Powder coating is popular right now and therefore we get requests for powder coating almost every day. We are not fans of powder coating due to the following reasons:

  • Powder coating is extremely difficult to remove for refinishing, even with sandblasting.

  • It cracks, chips, flakes and peels off, leaving the metal exposed to moisture and rust.

  • Moisture gets trapped under the damage. This is the perfect breeding ground for rust to grow. It spreads like a cancer, destroying the integrity of the metal. What we typically find under powder coating that shows a little evidence of rust is a LOT of rust that has been hiding! Here's just one quote from a former powder coating enthusiast, "The powder coat was in terrible shape, I could get under it with a knife and flake up big pieces all over the place. Even in places that it was hard to get off, I still found rust under it. I'm beginning to despise powder coat...too many failures and too hard to fix them."

  • The high heat involved in baking on the powder coating has been known to damage some metals & destroy their integrity.

  • Powder coating is impossible to repair without having it redone. Most websites will tell you to simply touch up the damage with paint which, again, only seals in the moisture that has become trapped underneath, allowing rust to develop.

At RustBlasters, we use the same epoxy coating the Navy uses, for its durability & rust inhibitive properties.

The Navy uses the same epoxy coating!

Epoxy coating is, in our opinion, far superior to powder coating for the following reasons:

  • Epoxy coating is easy to remove when needed but stays put until then.

  • The superior epoxy coating we use will last indefinitely, being highly resistant to chips, cracks, flaking or peeling.

  • It can be submerged in salt water for years with absolutely no damage to the finish.

  • Epoxy coating can fill in pitting and other cosmetic damage for a smoother finish.

  • Epoxy coating is simple to repair.

So while powder coating is sometimes less expensive than epoxy coating, as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for". The quality and longevity of epoxy coating far outweighs the higher price tag.

For those that say, "yes, but epoxy fades"...this is true but a coat of UV paint solves that problem and adds another layer of protection to your project, if this is a concern.

There is no such thing as the perfect coating for all surfaces & purposes. So it is important to fully assess your needs before making a decision on which coating would be best for you.

Here at RustBlasters, we use only the highest quality protective coatings that will provide you with years of beauty & worry-free enjoyment. Come on in & discuss what your options are for the best possible outcome.

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